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Kia ora and welcome to Ahu Ake

– Waipā Community Spatial Plan

It is a very exciting time for us at Waipā as we partner with Mana Whenua and work with key stakeholders and our wider community to create our very first district-wide community spatial plan.

This will be a blueprint for our district for the next 30-plus years. It will provide the foundation for all of our future planning, help us identify opportunities for growth and investment and help us to prioritise where and how we invest.

It is also so much more than that, it’s about placemaking, shaping what we want our towns and villages to look and feel like. It’s about connecting people and the places they share, live, work, play and invest in, and it is about making our community a place to be proud of.

There’s a lot to consider when creating this plan including:

  • Our natural and built environments – this is our towns as well as our mountains, rivers and rural areas
  • The wellbeing of our communities and how well they could manage and recover from periods of change or disaster
  • How stable and resilient our economy is and well it can cope with change
  • Our phenomenal growth and its impacts on our district, and
  • The impacts of climate change.  

We’ll use what you told us during the development of our vision and community outcomes and what we currently know about our district as a starting point. From there, we will need your help to develop the community spatial plan and help shape our future Waipā.

We can’t do this alone, after all this is your community. Together, we can successfully deliver on our vision to be the Home of Champions, and to build connected Waipā communities.

Garry Dyet
Waipā District Council Chief Executive

We’ve got something exciting to share with you!

We have developed an interim draft of Ahu Ake - Waipā Community Spatial Plan.

Using the feedback, we received from organisations across the district earlier this year along with what we know is important to the wider community, we have developed an interim draft of our community spatial plan and are excited to be able to share this with you.

It considers what the future of Waipā could look like in 30 years’ time including what our towns and villages will look like, how we will manage growth and how we’ll care for our environment among other things.

It is a starting point only and we are looking forward to working alongside our communities in early 2023 to further develop and refine it.

Why Ahu Ake?

The name Ahu Ake was gifted to us by Mana Whenua and demonstrates our strong partnership and commitment to working together to develop this plan for the future of our district.

Find out more about its special meaning and the inspiration behind the look and feel of our community spatial plan.

What is a Spatial Plan?

A spatial plan is a blueprint for a district that provides the foundation for all future planning and investment by Council. It is about future focused thinking that will ultimately shape the look and feel of our places and spaces.

Find out more about why it is so important and what it will mean for our district.

Our estimated timeline

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