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Over the past year, we’ve worked alongside our Mana Whenua partners, organisations across the district, and used what we already know is important to our communities from what you’ve told us before to develop the bones of a draft community spatial plan.

Now the plan needs you!

We’d like to know whether:

  • This is the future you see for yourself and your whanāu?

  • If there are things we have missed?

  • What is most important to you?  

Tell us what you think

You can share your thoughts with us:

  • Online via on the Have Your Say page,

  • By coming to speak with us at one of our community events, and/or

  • By picking up a hardcopy survey at either of our Council offices or libraries in Cambridge or Te Awamutu.

Feedback is open until 5pm Monday 27 March 2023.

The feedback we gather will be used to further develop and refine our draft community spatial plan. We’ll then share it with you again to gather further feedback before the plan is finalised in late 2023.  

Plan highlights 

Highlights of the plan, which illustrate what Waipā could look like by 2050, include:

  • The populations of Cambridge and Te Awamutu have nearly doubled, and our villages have grown too.

  • None of our towns or villages have grown beyond their boundaries (set out in the Waipā 2050 District Growth Strategy), with the exception of Ōhaupō.

  • In Cambridge and Te Awamutu, the housing supply has diversified, and there are more duplexes, townhouses, and small apartments providing a wider range of housing choices and affordability.

  • Karāpiro has become a renowned recreation destination following investment into the network of parks and open spaces along the river.

  • Within our towns and villages, we can walk or bike to meet most of our day-to-day needs

What has happened so far?

To get to this point, we’ve:

  • Reviewed all strategies currently in place such as the Cambridge Town Concept Plan Refresh and the Long Term Plan 2021-2031

  • Considered other strategies that are not owned by Council but will affect our district such as the Future Proof Strategy (a sub-regional strategy to manage growth)

  • Established what our non-negotiables are. These are the things we will have to address and provide for in the plan e.g. climate change

  • Reviewed all the feedback we have received from our communities during previous consultations including the Long Term Plan 2021-2031

  • Developed five future scenarios to explore what the future could possibly look like

  • Sought early feedback from Mana Whenua partners and organisations across the district

  • Used this feedback along with what we already know is important to our community to create the draft spatial plan

We are still at the start of our journey and have a long way to go until the plan can be finalised. We are looking forward to taking the next steps alongside our communities.

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