Sign-ups for the World Cafe are now closed

We're running our first ever World Café 

We’ve been on the lookout for residents from across the district to sign-up to participate in our first ever World Café. A big thank you to the 143 people who put up their hands to take part!

Right now, we are working with our project partners, the University of Waikato, to anonymously select 40-45 people from this group to represent their community and participate in the World Café workshops.

This is a plan for the future of our district so it’s important we make sure this group has a wide range of backgrounds and experiences of living in Waipā and represents our future population as closely as possible. To achieve this, we’ve developed a selection criteria which will help to guide this process.

If you are one of the 40-45 people selected, we’ll be in touch. If you aren’t selected, but would still like to have your say on what is important for the future in your community, we’ll be coming back out to the community early next year for further feedback before we finalise this important plan.

What's involved?

What is a World Café?

  • A World Café brings together a group of people to share knowledge, discuss topics and generate ideas at tables in a café like setting.

  • For Ahu Ake, we’ll use the World Café as an opportunity to discuss topics including growth and housing, the economy, parks and public facilities and heritage, arts and culture where we need further feedback as we continue to develop our community spatial plan.

What will be required of me?

Participants will be required to attend three - four workshops in person and online:

  • Tuesday 19 September 2023 in person  

  • Saturday 14 October 2023 in person

  • Tuesday 24 October 2023 online via teams

  • Saturday 4 November 2023 in person

Participants will be given a $150 Prezzy Card as a thank you for their time. Council can also arrange transport for people to attend the workshops.

How will people be selected?

  • This is a plan for the future of our district so it’s important we make sure the group participating in the World Café represent the future population of Waipā as closely as possible.

  • To do this, we’ve developed a selection criteria which takes into consideration our current and future population demographics and outlines how many participants in each category (e.g. age, ethnicity, location) will be needed to represent our future population.

  • The selection process will be carried out anonymously (personal information including names and contact details will be removed from all applications) in collaboration with The University of Waikato. 

When will I know if I have been selected?

You can expect a phone call from us in the coming week if you have been selected to take part in the World Café.

We are looking forward to working with you as we continue to develop our plan for the future.

More information can be found in our project FAQs.

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